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We're here to encourage REAL talk while on our quest of spreading mental health awareness. 1 in 5 people battle mental illness each year, yet it's rarely a topic of conversation. Together, we can change that!


Join us in our efforts to fight the stigma of mental illness. Be REAL with yourself — your thoughts, emotions, feelings — and others'. Especially in today's social media age where our lives are flooded with highlight reels, it's easy to forget that it's okay to not be okay — and you're not alone if you feel that way! Whether it be depression, anxiety, PTSD, or something other, there are many different mental health challenges that arise. Our hope is that checking in on and chatting about mental health can become standard everyday conversation — REAL talk. REAL anytime talk. — The kind of talk that creates strong, supportive relationships and environments. 


To kick-start the conversation, we invite you to perform acts of kindness and/or wear your REAL Project Merch while helping us normalize conversations around mental health. Initiate a conversation today! REAL talk can make a difference and could even save a life. 

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