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When Ethan walked into a room, he could evoke a feeling of joy before he even said a word. He was passionate about his family, his tight-knit groups of friends, music, hockey, skiing … the list goes on and on. He was good-natured and happy, and always put others before himself. Listening to others and making them feel special was a true gift Ethan gave to his friends and family daily. His genuine love was conveyed with every handshake, hug, and smile — he cared for you, was happy to see you, and was always trying to connect with your soul. Here is just a small sampling of the way E's big heart lives on through his family, friends, and The Real Project. Always on our minds, forever in our hearts.

Learn more about the efforts Ethan's
family is supporting in his memory here.



"Out of the Darkness"

Walk for the American Foundation for Suicide 



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